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Management, productivity and control

Farmed fish and fish health Although farmed fish can alleviate the pressure on wild stocks, unsustainable aquaculture can exacerbate the environmental problems in marine coastal areas as well as contribute to fishing pressure on other fish species.
Advice is provided on the development and management of sustainable aquaculture, to ensure that fish and shellfish farm managers maximise the opportunity for food production whilst minimising environmental impacts to produce a healthy product.

Fishery management Management advice is provided in relation to the sustainable utilisation of fisheries resources. Complex, multi-species, multifleet fisheries models are constructed to address key management concerns.
Advice on levels of commercial catch and catch rates, quota management and control in single and co-managed fisheries is given.
monitoring control and surveillance Monitoring, Control and Surveillance systems are essential tools providing the necessary information to enforce integrated fisheries management policies.
Licensing and Vessel Monitoring Systems for control and surveillance of fishing vessel activity are supplied. These systems ensure that registered vessels adhere to management measures such as marine protected areas, closed seasons and no-take zones.

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