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what this metacentric height, unstable equilibrium, and neutral equilibrium

Metacentric height

The distance between G and M is known as the metacentric height (GM). A stable vessel when upright is said to have a positive metacentric height (GM, i.e. when the metacentre (M) is found to be above the centre of gravity (G). This is usually referred to as having a positive GM or a positive initial stability.

Unstable Equilibrium
If the centre of gravity (G) of a vessel is above the metacentre (M) is the vessel is said to have a negative (GM) or a negative initial stability. A vessel in this state has a loll, i.e. it floats at an angle from the upright to one side or the other and there is a danger that is may capsize.

Neutral Equilibrium
When the position of a vessel's centre of gravity (G) and the metacentre (M) coincide the vessel is said to be in neutral equilibrium (Zero GM) and if inclined to a small angle of heel it will tent to remain at that angle.

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