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How to Find the High Paying Keyword Blog Content

  1. Go to Google's Keyword Tool.
  2. Select Web Content.
  3. Enter your blog URL (or URL posting) on the Enter a URL to a webpage ...
  4. Click the Get keyword ideas.
  5. Select the Show All from the dropdown box.
  6. Ensure Group keywords by common terms have been dichecklist.
  7. Under the option Calculate Estimates using Max CPC: choose USD $.
  8. Enter 100 in the box provided.
  9. Click Recalculate.

  10. After that, the Google Keyword Tool will display the approximate cost per click (CPC) from each keyword.
  11. Click a column heading Estimated avg. CPC to sort the table based on the estimated CPC. Click again to sort the table from highest to lowest CPC. At this stage, you will find those keywords in your blog content that potentially give you more Adsense dollars.
  12. Armed with this info, you can re-evaluate your blog content, edit a little here and there and regulate the use of phrases and keywords so that your content is more sharply targeted keywords that potential earlier. This will help Google to display a highly profitable Adsense ads on your blog page.
If you have more time again, try to use this method to evaluate each of your post by entering the URL of the posting on the stage number three, then repeat the whole process.
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How to Find High Paying Keyword (HPK)

You definitely want to know, how sich 'discovered' that the CPC Keyword him so high? Check ya's how:
  1. Please go to Google's Keyword Tool.
  2. Choose Descriptive words or Phrases.
  3. Enter keywords or phrases related to your blog content on the textbox.
  4. Make sure your checklist to Use Synonyms.
  5. Enter the CAPTCHA code and click the Get keyword ideas.
  6. Select Show All at the options dropdown.
  7. Select below $ USD Calculate Estimates using Max CPC.
  8. Enter 100 in the box provided.
  9. Click Recalculate to display the estimated CPC for each keyword.
  10. Click a column heading Estimated avg. CPC to sort the table based on the estimated CPC. Click again to sort the table from highest to lowest CPC.
  11. Take a look at the list of keywords and phrases that are displayed. There observe what keywords and phrases that give a new opportunity to boost your Adsense earnings per click.
  12. Next, you can re-edit your blog content that contains keywords / phrases that just now, or .. use it to write your content the next.

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How to make autoblog

The bloggers who often played like Google Adsense or PPC, updating or adding an article on his blog is an obligation that must be done, why should this? this is because in an effort to otimal SEO is loved by google will index the page so that our blog as much as that ultimately deliver visitors come to the blog and click on Adsense ads. (Note: this is only one of the competing for the hearts of visitors, there are still many other components are also noted)

But how if we are lazy or no time in updates or increase our blog articles. use plugin that can add a posting on our blog automatically.

So far I have often heard adding automated posts can only be done in wordpress to blogspot but there is no manual, automated posts, such as wp-autoblog, wp-robot, wp-mixers and others.

In fact after some searching, turns out I found a way to add a post on blogspot automatically, eventually running out of bloggers do not make sense, there are many ways to tricks.

The following steps to create autoblog on
  • The first create a blog at
  • The both make your e-mail with the gmail account
  • Login into your blog account and then change the settings to Enable blog posts via e-mail
  • Forwards all e-mail to your e-mail addresses such blog posts Visit the next
  • Join program to subscribe to all feeds that you want

One drawback of this method is that the results of the autoblog post will not be unique content. I suggest you continue to post updates manually once in a while, so that various articles can be more varied and dense.
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Senin, 12 April 2010

what this metacentric height, unstable equilibrium, and neutral equilibrium

Metacentric height

The distance between G and M is known as the metacentric height (GM). A stable vessel when upright is said to have a positive metacentric height (GM, i.e. when the metacentre (M) is found to be above the centre of gravity (G). This is usually referred to as having a positive GM or a positive initial stability.

Unstable Equilibrium
If the centre of gravity (G) of a vessel is above the metacentre (M) is the vessel is said to have a negative (GM) or a negative initial stability. A vessel in this state has a loll, i.e. it floats at an angle from the upright to one side or the other and there is a danger that is may capsize.

Neutral Equilibrium
When the position of a vessel's centre of gravity (G) and the metacentre (M) coincide the vessel is said to be in neutral equilibrium (Zero GM) and if inclined to a small angle of heel it will tent to remain at that angle.

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