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How to Find the High Paying Keyword Blog Content

  1. Go to Google's Keyword Tool.
  2. Select Web Content.
  3. Enter your blog URL (or URL posting) on the Enter a URL to a webpage ...
  4. Click the Get keyword ideas.
  5. Select the Show All from the dropdown box.
  6. Ensure Group keywords by common terms have been dichecklist.
  7. Under the option Calculate Estimates using Max CPC: choose USD $.
  8. Enter 100 in the box provided.
  9. Click Recalculate.

  10. After that, the Google Keyword Tool will display the approximate cost per click (CPC) from each keyword.
  11. Click a column heading Estimated avg. CPC to sort the table based on the estimated CPC. Click again to sort the table from highest to lowest CPC. At this stage, you will find those keywords in your blog content that potentially give you more Adsense dollars.
  12. Armed with this info, you can re-evaluate your blog content, edit a little here and there and regulate the use of phrases and keywords so that your content is more sharply targeted keywords that potential earlier. This will help Google to display a highly profitable Adsense ads on your blog page.
If you have more time again, try to use this method to evaluate each of your post by entering the URL of the posting on the stage number three, then repeat the whole process.

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