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Enabling better fisheries management decisions

The need for fisheries management Fish stocks are complex and precious resources. Extensive knowledge and experience of such stocks and the influences upon them is required in order for fisheries to be managed in a sustainable manner.

Management is made difficult by the fact that the resources are largely invisible until harvested, impacts are frequently long-term, and the causes of problems can be hard to identify. Additionally, marine and freshwater species may be migratory, stocks may be shared or straddling between countries or areas, and numbers vary naturally from year to year.
a wealth of experience CEFAS has a wealth of international experience providing solutions to marine and freshwater fisheries management problems throughout the world.
Advice is provided to fishery managers, policy makers and governments on local, regional, national and international policies, management strategies, capacity building, and institutional development necessary for the successful management of natural and farmed resources.
integrated management solutions Our aims are to provide integrated fisheries management solutions, contributing to our customers’ wider economic and environmental policies. A wide range of services and outputs are delivered to high standards.

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